The Lands of Intrigue

Once a proud bastion of the Church of the Holy Triad in the South, the nation of Amn is now the center of the Prelacy’s unholy theocracy. The Knights of the Ashen Heart marshal their growing undead armies; mortals are kept alive in the cities, forcibly encouraged to breed for the Prelacy’s ghastly harvests – most becoming food and/or foot-soldiers for the ravenous undead horde, but some demonstrating enough ruthless or prowess to be inducted into the Prelacy itself – often, but not always, after being ritually murdered.

Athkatla – The headquarters of the valiant Knights-Crusader of the Radiant Heart is now the home of Orcus’ High Prelates, the political and trade capitol of Amn is now a city of horrors. In some ways, a veneer of normalcy remains; the noble, merchant, and trade classes retain their affluence if not their power, and the Church remains the dominant factor in politics and daily life. Or rather, the Prelacy’s mocking, malicious caricature of the Church of the Holy Triad – every noble element subverted, every excess and hypocrisy amplified to grotesque extremes. The Unholy Inquisition routinely presents “heretics,” usually criminals or dissidents against the Prelacy but sometimes random citizens, for the Auto Da Fe, wherein they are publicly forced to sign their souls over to Orcus, and then executed.

The Church of the Holy Triad – The unified clergies and theologies of Tyr, God of Justice and Law, Torm, God of Duty and Tradition, and Ilmater, God of Perseverance and Martyrdom. Before the Empire, the Church of the Holy Triad was the premiere Holy faith of the pantheon, patron gods of most paladins / holy warriors, and dominant religion in many lands of the West and South.

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The Lands of Intrigue

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