(Deep Gnome)

Less aggressive and more reclusive than many other races of the Underdark, the deep gnomes are as highly in tune with their underground homes as their surface cousins are with the cogs and wheels of emerging technology. Rather than embracing technology, however, they have delved into the magics of the earth, and of the simulation (illusion) and creation of matter. Even more than dark elves or gray dwarves, they are masters of stealth, though their trickery tends to be used more for evasion of their neighbors than for assassination and skullduggery. Deep gnome adventurers tend to combine their magical talents with their natural sneakiness.

Find a deep gnome’s height and weight using the line appropriate to ST on the Build Table (p. B18), but multiply height and weight by 2/3 — they’re much more slender than Lantan gnomes. Deep gnomes are colored to blend into their natural habitat, with stony gray skin and hair. Men often wear well-groomed beards; unlike dwarves, gnome women are beardless.

A gnome has Size Modifier -1, regardless of height; see Tiny Tools, DF3 p. 8, for purchasing equipment. Gnomes are big enough to wield human weapons at -1 to skill; they can buy off this penalty completely with the optional perk Giant Weapons, which isn’t part of the racial template.

Svirfneblin Template (65 points)
Attributes: ST -1 (-10), HT +1 (10), Move -1 (-5).
Languages: Gnomish (Native), Common (Accented) (4), Undercommon (Accented) (4).
Advantages: Chameleon 1 (Underground Only) (4), Dark-Adapted Vision* (15), Enhanced Dodge 1 (15), Magery 0 (5), Magery 1 (Earth and Illusion/Creation Spells Only)* (7), Magic Resistance (Improved) 2 (10), Silence 2 (10), Perk: Svirfneblin Gifts* (1).
Disadvantages: Shy (-5).

Dark-Adapted Vision (15 points) – You can see in absolute darkness as if you had full Dark Vision (pg. B47), and can ignore any darkness penalties of -3 or worse. However, you suffer the equivalent of a darkness penalty to vision and combat rolls in bright light: from -3 in full daylight (or any situation where normal characters would have no vision penalties) to -1 at dawn or twilight (or any situation where normal characters would have -3).

Magery (Earth & Illusion/Creation Spells Only) (7 points) – All svirfneblin can learn and cast spells of the Earth and Illusion/Creation Colleges as if they had Magery 1. If a deep gnome buys full Magery (or Elemental Influence), he learns and casts Earth and Illusion/Creation spells at +1 Magery.

Svirfneblin Gifts – Except for the perk Giant Weapons (1), deep gnomes can’t buy the normal Racial Power-Ups for gnomes. Instead, they may buy the following, either during creation, or with earned character points:

  • Chameleon (Underground Only), up to 4 (4/level)
  • Dark Vision (25) (upgrade from Dark-Adapted Vision) for 10 points
  • Detect: Minerals – Specific (e.g., Gold) (5)
    • Small Class (e.g. All Precious Metals) (10)
    • Large Class (e.g. All Metal) (20)
    • All Minerals (30)
  • Enhanced Dodge (up to 3) (15/level)
  • Magic Resistance (Improved) any level (5/level)
  • Silence, up to 4 (5/level)

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