High and Low TL

Starting TL affects available gear and technological (/TL) skills, but not starting wealth (since starting wealth is irrelevant).

Magical Renaissance, TL4 is the default, and neither costs nor grants any characters points. Most civilized lands are at this level.

High TL: Wonder-tech, TL5 (High TL +1), allows the learning of TL5 skills and unpenalized use of TL5 gadgets. It’s common only among more technologically-inclined races (e.g., gnomes, some dwarves, etc), and certain fringe groups and individuals (technology cults, mad inventors, etc). 5 points.

Cutting Edge Training is the perk-level, single-skill version of High TL, allowing a normal (TL4) character to learn one specific TL5 skill. 1 point.

Low TL: Dark Ages, TL3 (Low TL -1) prevents the character from learning TL4 skills, including Fencing and Guns skills. It’s common among those from rural regions, barbarians, and goblin-kin races, as well as those who deliberately eschew modern technology (e.g. druids). -5 points.

Low Tech: Savage, TL1 (Low TL -3) is limited to remote tribal peoples and races, who either have no contact with or utterly eschew most technology, such as the natives of the Chultan peninsula, wild elves, and ghostwise halflings. In addition to being unable to learn any /TL skills requiring TL2 or higher, they suffer the drawbacks as listed for the Wildman (DF3, p. 16), but starting TL is 1. -15 points.

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High and Low TL

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