(Feral Halfling)

The savage halflings of the veldtlands of the South are much more reclusive and less congenial than their more civilized kin. They still excel at stealth, but tend to use their stealth for hunting rather than thievery. Most tend to be rangers or druids, and almost none take up technological or academic/arcane professions (at least, not without buying off a lot of racial disadvantages).

Calculate height and weight normally for ST (p. B18), before racial ST modifier, then multiply height by 1/2 and weight by 1/4. The average ST 8 halfling is 2’7”-3’1” and 29 to 44 lbs. Ghostwise halflings are generally tan, with chestnut or straw-colored hair.

A halfling has Size Modifier -2, regardless of height; see Tiny Tools (DF3 p. 8) for purchasing equipment. Halflings are big enough to wield SM 0 (human-sized) weapons at -2 to skill, and SM -1 weapons (e.g. gnomish) at -1; they can buy off this penalty with the optional perk Giant Weapons (DF3, p. 14).

Ghostwise Halfling Template (45 points)
Attributes: ST -1 (-10), DX +1 (20), IQ -1 (-20) HT +1 (10), Will +1 (5), Per +4 (20), Move -1 (-5). 20
Languages: Common (Native; Illiterate) (-3).
Advantages: Acute Hearing +1 (2), Animal Empathy (5), Combat Reflexes (15), Flexibility (5), Silence 2 (10), Talent: Outdoorsman 2 (20), Perks: Call of the Wild (1), Halfling Gifts* (1).
Disadvantages: Innumerate (-5), Low Tech (Savage) (-15), Social Stigma: Savage (-10), Quirk: Nosy (-1).

Halfling Gifts – Halflings may buy the following optional traits, either during creation, or with earned character points:

  • Catfall (10)
  • Enhanced Dodge (up to 3) (15/level)
  • Double-Jointed (15) (upgrade from Flexibility) for 10 points
  • Perfect Balance (15)
  • Buy off Innumerate (5), Low Tech (15), or Social Stigma (10)

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