(Gray Dwarf)

More clannish, insular, and covetous than their kin who dwell nearer the surface, the gray dwarves of the Underdark have an ill reputation as greedy and cruel among surface folk. Many, though not all, are highly intolerant of other races, especially “surface scum.” Strong and sturdy like all dwarves, duergar adventurers are inclined to violent professions; their natural stealthiness (from generations of skulking in the passages of the Underdark) helps them excel at skullduggery. All duergar can magically increase their size, and many develop the ability to become invisible, though the latter is not universal.

When finding a dwarf’s height and weight, use the line appropriate to ST on the Build Table (p. B18), but multiply height by 2/3 and shift weight a column to the right (a Very Fat dwarf has maximum weight). Universally bearded (even the women), duergar coloring tends toward various shades of gray, with variations by clan and region – they tend to resemble the rocks and minerals near their home. A dwarf’s girth offsets his height enough that he’s still Size Modifier 0 (as a human). However, dwarves can’t wear armor fitted for humans, and vice versa.

Duergar Template (35 points)
Attributes: ST +1 (10), HT +1 (10), Will +2 (10), HP +2 (4), FP +1 (3), Speed -1 (-20).
Languages: Dwarven (Native), Common (Accented) (4), Undercommon (Accented) (4).
Advantages: Damage Resistance 1 (Tough Skin) (3), Dark-Adapted Vision* (15), Lifting ST +2 (6), Resistant to Poison: Immune (15), Silence 1 (5), Talent: Dwarven Craft* +1 (5), Perk: Alcohol Tolerance (1), Perk: Duergar Gifts* (1).
Disadvantages: Appearance: Unattractive (-4), Greed (12) (-15), Social Stigma (Monster) (-15), Stubborn (-5), Quirk: Cannot Float (-1), Quirk: Uncongenial (-1).

Dark-Adapted Vision (15 points) – You can see in absolute darkness as if you had full Dark Vision (pg. B47), and can ignore any darkness penalties of -3 or worse. However, you suffer the equivalent of a darkness penalty to vision and combat rolls in bright light: from -3 in full daylight (or any situation where normal characters would have no vision penalties) to -1 at dawn or twilight (or any situation where normal characters would have -2).

Talent: Dwarven Craft (5 points/level) – Each level gives +1 bonus to Armoury, Engineer, Masonry, Prospecting & Smith skills; and gives a +1 reaction bonus for craftsmen and satisfied customers. Only dwarves may buy this talent, and start with 1 level; they may buy up to level 4.

Duergar Gifts – In addition to the Dwarven Racial Power-Ups listed in DF11 (p. 40), duergar may buy the following optional traits, either during creation, or with earned character points:
• Dark Vision (25) (upgrade from Dark-Adapted Vision) for 10 points
• Detect: Minerals – Specific (e.g., Gold) (5)
– Small Class (e.g. All Precious Metals) (10)
– Large Class (e.g. All Metal) (20)
– All Minerals (30)
• Growth 1 (Can Carry up to Medium Enc; Magical; Costs 2 FP +1/min) (30)
– Includes ST +2 and DR +1 (Tough Skin), but only while in giant form)
• Invisibility (Can Carry up to Medium Enc; Magical; Switchable; Costs 2 FP +1/min; Ends if hostile action is taken) (40)
• Lifting ST (up to +5) (3/level)

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