Forgotten Realms: Empire of Ashes

Empire of Ashes: Day 1
A Page from the Saga of Ereman Blackwolf

Ereman Blackwolf /does not/ like flying! The giant purple quartz fish breaks too easily with the Sky Hammer, and so do the purple quartz fish-guards with no faces. Lots and lots of no-face guards, with purple lightning that tingles very uncomfortably. By Valdir! Crunch all the purple men you want – The flying fish ship will make more! Ereman Blackwolf wonders if they have names, so that it may be carved into the Rock of Destiny that they fought bravely but were slain in vengeance for the Uthgardt by Ereman Blackwolf?

Lady Luck favored the last of the Uthgardt well on this day, but not the Dwarf and his thunder wand. The ears of the Gods are like those of the Wolf Totem! The soft squishes the Sky Hammer makes are more pleasing to them, and to Ereman Blackwolf.

The Old Man of the Tribe always told the children that you have to burn trolls, but not what to do with a troll that’s already on fire. The right path was unclear, but then Great Valdir, Spirit of my Ancestors, spoke his wisdom: “Hit it with your hammer!”

Uthgardt, I will soon join you!


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