Karth Demon-Speaker

Half-Orc Warlock


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Born in the unforgiving lands of the Savage North, raised by the orcs who had kidnapped, enslaved, and ultimately killed his mother, Karth was taken in by the tribal shaman when his ability to speak with the spirits became evident. Never one to let his human frailties keep him from fighting alongside his kin, he underwent every test and initiation that the tribe warriors and the shaman demanded of him. He was always able to count on his natural wit — far superior to anyone else in the tribe — and the aid of the spirits to see him through, even when his considerable stamina failed him.

The spirits knew of the Empire’s coming even before the first Black Citadel appeared over the wastes of Anauroch — and so Karth knew, listening to their panicked cries. Leaving the tribe and home he’d never cared that much about anyway, he fled south, escaping the extermination of his tribe and joining with the others who sought to fight back.

Karth Demon-Speaker

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