Ereman Blackwolf

Last of the Uthgardt


Ereman blackwolf
Ereman blackwolf 2


The proud barbarian tribes of the Uthgardt were among the first casualties of the Empire’s conquest of the North. Deemed too rambunctious to be enslaved, they were wiped out — but young Ereman followed the wolf spirit of Valdir, the totem of his family, and escaped into the wilds. Valdir raised him, taught him to survive the wilds, and to best any foe in battle. All in preparation for the day that he would seek to avenge his people.

Realizing that he couldn’t do it by himself, he’s joined others who share his goal — the Resistance. Valdir (and all of the spirit world) is farther away now that when Ereman was younger, but the wolf spirit will still answer his call most of the time.

Ereman Blackwolf

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